Your Word is Your Bond-Keeping Promises


Your son may not always remember all the great things you’ve done for him but he’ll never forget a broken promise. My mom has never broken a promise to us and to this day, I respect her for her candor and integrity. If my mom couldn’t do something, she thoroughly explained why it couldn’t be done and despite our disappointment, we understood. I have followed my mom’s footsteps in my relationship with my sons. I want them to trust me and “my word” as well as learn the importance of being true to your words.

When children are little, they believe in their parents, and have unrealistic expectations of them. When you make promises, but do not keep them, children start to question your credibility. They  feel betrayed by broken promises.

If you are unable to keep your promise because of an emergency or illness, communicate the circumstance clearly with your son, so that there is no misunderstanding. Don’t over commit yourself to the demands of your son.

Set healthy boundaries with him early so he knows not to take advantage of you. If you can not be available for something, don’t lie and say “Yes”, just to please him. Be honest about what you are able to do. Your son may be disappointed but he’ll appreciate your honesty. You are setting an example for your son. When you don’t honor your word, it lets your son know that talk is cheap and he doesn’t need to be held accountable for what he says.

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