What Does It Mean to Be a Man?


If you were to put 100 men in a room and ask them: “What does it mean to be a man?”, the responses would vary. Some men don’t have a clue what it means because no one took the time to explain to them the complexities of manhood. Some men simplify being a man by sexual conquests or ability to reproduce, others define by power, wealth and success.

The truth is most men didn’t have a role model who presented a holistic view of manhood.  Whether a man had a father in the home or not, he still may not have all the pieces of what it means to be a man. Those who were fortunate enough to have someone guide and teach them have a better understanding of manhood.

What we want for boys is to be able to say in their own words the traits of a healthy, well-adjusted man. They need guidance and support in being able to define what it means to be a man. Some of these boys are dealing with an identity crisis because they don’t fit into cultural stereotypes. They are grappling to find an acceptable role model that will show them how to be a man. As much as we want to believe being a man is simple, it’s not. Boys are faced with the daily challenge of figuring out what it means to be a man and men are faced with the challenge of trying to answer the question.

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4 Responses to What Does It Mean to Be a Man?

  1. Fawn Weaver says:

    Being a man is most definitely not a simple thing and the wars they fight in their head are something we’ll never understand. My husband had a horrible role model and turned out to be the most incredible person I’ve met in my life. I still don’t know that happened because those who meet him assume he had a privileged background with a father who was always around and available and that couldn’t be further from the truth. I married a miracle…

  2. From an early age I was determined to one day be a good father primarily based on the lack of support I rcvd from my father. He grew up without a dad…. I decided to break the cycle and gave my kids what I missed and was so important to me.

  3. mroker says:

    Thank you for sharing! It’s so important to break these cycles and kudos to you for being a positive role model and great dad for your kids!

  4. mroker says:

    Wow, what a blessing Fawn! Your husband must be resilient and had a plan for his life. This goes to show that as adults we make the decision to let out past control us or be a catalyst to improve our lives.

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