The 5 Friends Every Woman Should Have

Female friendships

I wished we saw more friendships on tv like Lucy and Ethel’s friendship. Unfortunately, we are bombarded with so many reality shows that depict women as catty and friendships as fake as their breast and bank accounts. How did this become the norm?  As someone with very few female friends, I cherish the ones that are in my life. These friends have seen me at my best and my worst. They don’t judge me or criticize the choices I make in life. These relationships mean the world to me and my life is enriched by my experiences with them.

You may have one friend who embodies all the characteristics of the friends below or may see yourself on the list. Whatever the case, as women, it’s important that we surround ourselves with friends that support, inspire and cheer us.

1. The Big Ang

The Big Ang is the mother hen. She gives you a dose of tough love with a hug. She listens to your drama without getting emotionally involved. She dispenses advice with love and candor. She’ll never say behind your back what she wouldn’t say to your face. Don’t look to her for a pity party. She’s there to pick you up and dust you off. She doesn’t judge your marriage, parenting or lifestyle. Although she doesn’t hold back when it comes to letting you know what you need to do, she doesn’t insist that you follow her advice. Big Ang is as warm and relaxing as hot chocolate with Kahlua. Just a warning: Don’t get on her bad side.

2. The Gayle

She’s the friend who knows you the best. She knows what you’re about to say before you even open your mouth. She knows just what to say and when to say it. She’s the friend who will be there through your divorce, family illness, bad relationships,  etc. She lets you cry on her shoulder and doesn’t flinch when you share your darkest secret with her. She could write a tell-all book about you but would never do it. You trust her with your life, your money, your husband and your kids. She is the sister you’ve always wanted and she means the world to you.

3. The Ethel

She’s your partner in crime. She’s your sidekick. You have coffee or lunch with mischief and mayhem. She is always ready to get into some kind of trouble with you. Although she’ll try to talk you out of a scheme, she’ll go along with the plan to help you out. She’s there for a good laugh and she always knows how to get out of a situation. If you had to rob a bank, she’d be the perfect accomplice.

4. The Liz Lemon

If you and Ethel did rob a bank, you’d call Liz to bail you out. She’s the friend who is always giving you sound advice. She helps you to strategize and plan.  She’s your voice of reason and your conscious. She’s good for borrowing money but not for fashion advice.

5. The Carrie Bradshaw

She’s the friend who lives and breathes fashion. She wears heels to the park with her preschooler and she makes no apologies for being a MILF. She’s the friend who convinced you to get rid of your “Mom” jeans. She knows the best places to shop, at, party, etc. She is generous with her fashion advice, her clothes and accessories. She’s the first one you call when you’re planning an event and she’s there to help you plan and organize birthday parties, anniversaries and more.

Who are the friends in your life?

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