Marie Roker Jones brings an authentic voice to many issues that are front and center for women, mothers and families.  From her parenting expertise in raising boys to the support she offers as a military wife and spouse, Marie brings practical solutions to what can be considered overwhelming circumstances.  Marie has a powerful and respected voice in the social media community, engaging with other inspiring and insightful women online.  Marie is always a fantastic expert panelist and contributor. It has been a joy to work with her time and again – but most importantly, it is a true pleasure to call her a friend.

Bryan Moore
Supervising Producer, Social Media





I write this testimonial on behalf of Marie Roker-Jones with great pleasure. I have worked with her on several projects and her professionalism is impeccable. Her insightful information on raising great young men in our society is extremely valuable for those who are raising and mentoring young boys. I look forward to working with her on other projects in the near future.

Bill Roddy, Author of Manhood From the Hood


Having the privilege to work with Marie, I know how passionate and focused she is on creating an environment where mothers and fathers have information and the resources to uplift, inspire and ultimately develop more empathetic and young boys and men. She is moving the conversation out in the open not just with her blog, radio show, online webinars or book, her workshops in schools and communities serve as real tools to effectively shape the lives of young men.

Taylor Hinton
The Transformed Male


Marie Roker-Jones is a true community leader. As an organizer for The Ricki Lake Show Meetup group in NYC she worked tirelessly to develop a rich, vibrant & supportive community comprised of women & men from many walks of life. Marie has a gift for connecting with people both online & face-to-face, building deep relationships around the subjects important in daily life. This along with her skills as a blogger and on social media make her a gifted communicator. Marie always has something to contribute to the conversation, moving it forward and driving to the heart of the topics in which she’s engaged.

Brittanie Williams
Right Hip

Marie Roker from Raising Great Men did a workshop at our 7th Annual K-12 Education Expo and we got rave reviews from the attendees about how useful the workshop was. She shared a lot of valuable information about parenting and building character.

Marie Roker-Jones  is a must-have resource.  We have worked together and supported each others’ work as leaders in youth development in the fields of health, wellness, finance and parenting.  I have always valued Marie’s positive approach and in-depth research  in any project she commits herself to doing. Marie is an avid listener!  Her voice is authentic in rendering advice and feedback.  Her work product and reputation are aces!

Candi Hinton
Sparks Fly.org

I would like to thank Ms. Marie Roker-Jones for visiting my school this month for what turned out to be a intimate discussion between single parents.  Her style infused with our heartfelt parenting views increased our understanding of what it means to raise men who will be productive, independent and compassionate.

We look forward to inviting her back in the future.

Robin Graham
Parent Coordinator and Parent of 4 sons

Marie Roker-Jones was invited to speak to my group of young minority men (Man To Man) at Monroe College in the Bronx, NY on June 13th 2013. She spoke to a small group of men and was due to return on the 27th of June to complete the session. When she returned, the number of men attending the session had nearly doubled. This was due to word of mouth by the original group. Students who were not even members of the group attended the second session because of the positive feedback from those attending the first session. Her ability to “reach out and touch” my guys was remarkable, and I can’t wait to do other things with her in the near future.

Prof Clarence Grant
Adjunct Monroe College School of English/Social Sciences/Business

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