Harlem Book Fair 2012: Brilliant but Lazy: How to Motivate Underachieving Boys

I offer various services to navigate the challenges of raising boys. You can choose services based on your budget and personal needs.

As a facilitator, I share real lessons I have learned in helping my teen son navigate through life and bring first hand experience of working with boys. I have conducted workshops for:
The Harlem Book Fair
The Westchester Children’s Book Festival
Harlem Children’s Zone Promise Academy
Pablo Neruda High School
The New York City Charter School Center
Monroe College
Lehman College
New York Partnership for Child Abuse Prevention

My workshops equip and empower parents with the resources, tools and tips that they need to help their sons succeed. There are no perfect solutions to parenting. The workshops are engaging and interactive so that parents share and learn from each other. Workshops are presented in a supportive environment where we champion each other.

Workshops are available for schools, faith based and non profit organizations in person or online.
  • Mom Language vs. Son Language- How to Stop Yelling and Start Listening
  • Brilliant But Lazy Series- How to Motivate Underachieving Boys 
  • How to Inspire Greatness in Your Son 
  • Parenting From Inside Out-Setting Foundations for Raising Boys to Become Men of Character
  • How to Raise a Gentleman in a Thug Culture
  • What Kind of Man Do You Want to Be?
  • Surviving Deployment

If you’re interested in hiring me for a speaking engagement, workshop or seminar, please email me at: speaking [at] raisinggreatmen.com

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