Simple is the New Complicated

My mother made raising a son seem effortless. I’m sure other moms of that era can attest to the challenges of raising a black boy in New York City during the 70s and 80s.  My mother made sure my brother had a strong foundation in order to avoid peer pressure, drugs and violence.

She stressed the importance of love, self-respect, self-control, faith, integrity, and education. There was never a doubt in my brother’s mind that he would be successful.  My mother laid the groundwork at an early age and because of her love and support, my brother is quite successful.

My mom never made it seem that it was hard to raise my brother. Giving up was not an option. Failure was a learning lesson. There were always second chances. My mother prayed, listened, directed, supported and waited.

Now that I’m a mother, I realize that I took parenting for granted. What I thought was simple is very much complicated. Children don’t always follow the rules. Respect is not one way. Your child may disappoint you. You don’t always have the answers.

Yes, parenting is not as simple as it looks. So to all those who offer unsolicited advice, take note. Unless you live in the home with our children, you are in no position to judge or comment about our parenting skills. If you think parenting is so easy, we’ll gladly let you raise our children for one year. Your only options are teen or toddler years. Good luck!

What did you think was easy before you became a parent?


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2 Responses to Simple is the New Complicated

  1. Oh this is good Marie!! With my first 4 I didn’t have a whole lot of trouble..well maybe some but nothing a parent can’t handle..I used to drive a school bus so I was pretty good at handling children..I was the one that would see these screaming rude children and think to myself “if that were my kid…” So God decided it would be a good lesson in pride if He gave me one of “those” kids..OUCH!! I was definately brought to my knees and humbled…for YEARS with him..he is now almost 16 and the most awesome boy ever..but the road..ROCKY!!
    I will never ever say..If that were my child as long as I live!!

  2. mroker says:

    Isn’t it wonderful when God humbles us? I think he uses parenting as a way to show us how much we don’t know. The parenting road is rocky and scary. So glad to hear he is such a great kid, but then again, his mom is pretty awesome too!

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