Is Your Son Gay? There’s an App for That


There's an app for everything from the mundane to the moronic. Apparently, we have a need for an app to tell us how to live and what's going on with our children. The "Is My Son Gay?" app developed by French developers for the Android market is rightfully outraging many parents. Although the developers are claiming the app was created for fun, people are not laughing at the 20 questions that are more stereotypes than anything. I refuse to post the 20 questions because I don't want to give these questions any importance.

What I find disturbing about the development of this app and the "Gay Cure" app that Apple pulled from the market in March, is that these apps make light of a situation that is personal and serious.  Emmene Moi, the developers of the "Is My Son Gay?" app say that the app is more tongue in cheek and really pokes fun at gay stereotypes and anxious parents who worry if their son might be gay. The fact that this app has received a 3.3 rating is even more annoying.

With the recent suicides by boys (Jamey Rodemeyer, the latest) and young men who were taunted and bullied because of uncertainty of the sexual orientation, these apps give more fuel to the bullying situation. Many apps get downloaded by teens and who's to stop them from using this app to further harass another teen. Kids are also polarized thinkers, things are black or white. Therefore, they may not get that this app is a joke and think that based on these questions, perhaps they or another teen is gay. I'm more concerned about a kid downloading this app than I am a parent.

The app is ridiculous and I think that any mom who purchases it is a fool. If you think that your son might be gay, either ask him or wait for him to tell you. We live in a time of information overload and we are constantly trying to keep up with what is going on around us. For those of you who feel the need to download every app, it's time to get a life. You're losing  and wasting valuable time you can be connecting with people instead of downloading apps that tell you more about them.

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2 Responses to Is Your Son Gay? There’s an App for That

  1. Thanks for keeping us (your readers) informed. I haven’t heard of this app and now that I know a little about it, I couldn’t agree more:the app is ridiculous and I think that any mom who purchases it is a fool!

  2. An Android app available in France purportedly holds the answer for parents wondering whether their sons are gay.

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