Getting Your Son to Read More with Who?Comics App

Thank you to who?Comics for sponsoring this post and encouraging my child to read biographies in comic book form! Please click here to learn more about the app. And follow who? Comics on Twitter for updates! 

When Clever Girls Collective emailed the opportunity to review who?Comics, I jumped on it. I was especially excited because I am always on the lookout for ways to get boys reading. I also wanted to check it out for the after school book club for boys I am starting in NYC. 

Who? Comics are the real life stories that offer biographies of "10 of our greatest leaders of today and 19 historical figures of the past" .  What's great about these stories are that they are biographies that are read in comic book form.

Since this is an app, my son was happy to join me in reviewing. I think the fact that it is an app fools boys into thinking it's not really a book.  If you're a mom of a teenage boy, you know that reading for pleasure is not high on their priority list. When we first downloaded the app, the first thing that appealed to my son who enjoys reading anime and manga books, was that the comics closely resembled this animation style. That alone was a big plus for him!

He also liked that there was a variety of comics that the he can choose from.  I liked that there is a variety for boys and girls.  Some of the stories that are available are Hillary Clinton, J.K. Rowling, Martin Luther King Jr.,  Barack Obama, Steven Spielberg, etc.  Each download is $4.99 which is a great price considering it's 150 pages and you'd pay much more for a book.  They also have a fun way for kids to collect badges for each story which my son didn't care about. I think younger readers would be interested in collecting these badges. 

We chose Bill Gates and Stephen Hawking. Since he is learning about physics in science class, he was looking forward to learning more about Stephen Hawking.  He found the comic book style less intimidating and overwhelming. He liked that the storie were funny and educational.

Overall, my son liked this app. His only complaint was that they are a bit long, but he when he started reading, he forgot that it was 150 pages.

I will definitely recommend this app as an option for our after school book club and look forward to the developer offering more stories.



Thank you again to who? Comics for sponsoring my post. Please click here to learn more about the app. Visit who? Comics for updates. I was selected for this opportunity by the Clever Girls Collective. All opinions expressed here are my own. #CleverWhoComics #spon

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