Taking the passive out of compassion and living in ACTION:  #CompassionConvos
#CompassionConvos is a global compassion movement challenging bias through civic engagement and compassionate action. It’s a call to action bringing people together to create individual and systemic change. We are a partner of The Charter for Compassion.

#CompassionConvos evolved from a friendship that developed with Louisa Hext, who is a white, Jewish woman from the UK. As we began to share our life experiences, we discussed invisible privilege, assumptions, denials, and reconciliation and forgiveness. Louisa and I recognized the need for creating safe spaces to have these honest, and healing conversations. As a black woman and mom of two boys, I also realized that as a role model, I had to be truthful about my own biases.

#CompassionConvos are cross-cultural and inter-generational conversations within communities and organizations around difficult and challenging subjects through social media, online and in person. Conversations include but aren’t limited to racism, sexism, homophobia, and xenophobia. Through awareness, education, and dialogue we’re challenged to take action.

In addition to these conversations, we will provide a platform for civic engagement, compassionate action, and storytelling.  We work with people to explore the immense capacity of storytelling and narrative, online and in person, and use as a tool to expression in people’s

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