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Is Tim Tebow a Good Role Model for Your Son?


"When guys say 'I'm not a role model'. Well, yes you are. You're just a bad one."-Tim Tebow

What is it about Tim Tebow that makes people love him or hate him? He's being referred to as the Ned Flanders of football. He's wholesome and good. He even loses gracioisly. Those who hate him, think he's an average quarterback who just gets lucky. They  dismiss his relationship with God and ridicule his beliefs. They want him to fail so they can throw his faith in his face or unmask some hidden agenda or hypocrisy.

Those who love him, admire his strong faith and his ability to credit God and his team for his success. On paper, Tim Tebow is every mom's dream: He's pious and has integrity, grace, great family values. In a world, where most athletes are recognized for their outspokenness, poor behavior, and self-entitlement, Tim Tebow is a breath of fresh air. But does that make him a good role model?

I have a problem with kids making public figures their role models because sometimes it borders on idolatry. Kids admire a sports figure, actor or entertainer and put them on a pedestal. Well meaning parents encourage them to be more like these "role models". Then tragedy strikes, this God-like figure does something indecent and this kid's parents now have to do damage control (Remember Tiger Woods?).

Those who are Tebow fans are rooting for his success and praying that he doesn't let them down. They want to ensure that Tim Tebow is who he really says he presents himself to be: a good guy.  I must admit that I am in awe of this young man's commitment to God and to himself. He faces temptation and criticism every day, yet it doesn't seem to daunt him.  He is authentic and confident. Do I think he's a good role model? Yes, if we see him as a regular guy who is doing his best to live his life by the virtues of God. A guy who struggles and fails like we do. Once we start to immortalize him, he loses his human frailty and becomes a deity. It's not fair to him. It's not fair to anyone we admire.

What are your thoughts about role models?