Can Your Son Do Nothing for 2 Minutes?


I do my best to meditate twice a day. On the days, I do not meditate, I can feel the difference in how I feel about myself and how I interact with others. I have been meditating for over 5 years and know the benefits of taking even 10 minutes a day to calm your mind and body and sit in silence.

Many people think meditation is new-age or goes against their religious values. Meditation is simply quieting the mind. You can use whatever method works best for you. Some people choose to sit in silence, some choose a mantra or word, others use affirmations or music. It's a matter of preference.

I  introduced my son to meditation when he was five years old and naturally he did not gravitate towards it. Boys tend to be more active and need movement throughout the day.  Moms of boys know asking a boy to sit still for at least 10 minutes is like asking a fish to survive out of water for 10 minutes. However, research has shown that boys benefit from mindfulness meditation and it increases their overall well-being.

There are various options for introducing your son to meditation. No one tool works for every child, so you have to find the one that makes your son feel comfortable.

The one trick that has worked is to get him to just sit for as long as he can and do absolutely nothing. I used to make a game out of it and challenge him to sit longer than me. This is a challenge for adults, so you can imagine how challenging it can be for kids. However, choosing to sit for even 2 minutes helps him to calm down and "be still."

A fun way to get your son to meditate is to visit Do Nothing for 2 Minutes which invites you to sit still and do nothing. There is a countdown on the screen as well as a calming view and sounds of ocean waves.

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2 Responses to Can Your Son Do Nothing for 2 Minutes?

  1. Amiee says:

    Meditation is a wonderful way of calming one’s energy. This is especially great for mamas with more than one child. I have the children sit quietly and meditate and they really enjoy it. They like sitting in meditation pose!

  2. mroker says:

    It really does clam your energy. I think people get caught up in thinking they need to do it for a long time. Just a few minutes a day makes a difference. When children learn to meditate at an early age, they have a tool to help them deal with life’s challenges.

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