Be the Mom You Want to Be! Make 2013 Your Best Year Yet!


Dear Mom,

It’s easy for us to get wrapped in up in planning for our family that we neglect to plan for our lives. Why is it that we want so much for our kids, but don’t give the same attention to our needs? How can we possibly guide and nurture our kids to make the right decisions in life, if we aren’t planning for our own lives?
We set goals but get side-tracked by schedules and commitments and just operate on autopilot.

However, if we continue on this track, we get nowhere. I know when I do not plan, it affects not only me but my family as well.

Instead of setting New Year’s resolutions that get dismissed by March, I wanted to help you plan for the year ahead with confidence and faith.

My 8 Week Program is designed not to be life changing but rather to help you gradually make progress in the areas of your life that matter most to you. This program is a tool to that will assist you in identifying your areas of improvement and measuring your progress.

During the 8 weeks, you’ll receive a weekly lesson plan as well as reflection questions and affirmations by email. Since we’re all busy moms, you can review the lessons at your pace during the week and if you need support or have any questions, you can contact me.

Since it’s done completely online, you can start whenever you want!

Here’s what you’ll receive in the 8 week program:

  1. How to Create Your Personal Mission Statement
  2. How to Devote Time to Things you Love Without Sacrificing Time With Your Kids
  3. How to Get Your Needs Met and Your Boundaries Respected by Your Family
  4. How to Create a Support System for Yourself
  5. How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Other Moms
  6. How to Set Realistic Parenting Goals
  7. How to Shape Your Children’s Memories and Leave a Loving Legacy
  8. How to Balance the Roles in Your Life

Are you ready to say “YES” to making 2013 your best year yet?

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