25 Things a Boy Should Learn From His Father


The father/son relationship is the least nurtured in the family. Fathers play an important role in their son's  lives and as moms of boys we need to support and encourage these relationships.

  1. How to have self-control
  2. How to value his money
  3. How to manage his time
  4. How to practice safe sex
  5. How to give back to society
  6. How to tie a tie
  7. How to be self-disciplined
  8. How to lose graciously
  9. How to buy a suit
  10. How to change a tire
  11. How to buy a gift for the women in his life
  12. How to choose the right woman
  13. How to do laundry properly
  14. How to engage in a meaningful relationship
  15. How to tip at a restaurant
  16. How to properly shake a hand
  17. How to be accountable for his actions 
  18. How to get out of an unhealthy relationship responsibly
  19. How to travel internationally
  20. How to dress for a job interview
  21. How to negotiate
  22. How to speak up and stand up for justice
  23. How to take care of his family
  24. How to rely on his faith
  25. How to put the seat down

What do you think should be added to the list?

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6 Responses to 25 Things a Boy Should Learn From His Father

  1. I disagree with #4. Safe sex shouldn’t be the goal, a meaningful, monogamous marital relationship should be the goal. Sex before marriage is all about physical needs and selfish desires. Value women enough to save yourself for your wife and also to respect the women you date who might not become your wife. Why break up and send her off with baggage???
    We are teaching our sons to respect women enough not to have sex until marriage. I hope it’s a lesson they understand.

  2. mroker says:

    You bring up a great point Karen! We want our sons to value and respect women and themselves.
    I also think it’s important for fathers to discuss all the aspects of sex with their sons so they fully understand that it is not just a physical connection, but an emotional ans spiritual connection.
    A recent study showed that teens who received sex-ed were less likely to engage in sexual activity than those who were just taught abstinence. http://healthland.time.com/2012/03/09/sex-ed-instead-of-promoting-promiscuity-it-encourages-teens-to-delay-first-sex/

  3. Tiffany says:

    I have to actually agree with you on the safe sex one (something I think parents should talk about with their kids, period). I think looking at statistics, we should prepare our kids for every possibility.
    I understand emphasizing the importance of waiting until marriage if that is a family value and religious belief, but stats show that if only abstinence is taught, then there is a greater failure to practice safe sex when teens choose to not be abstinent. The fact is, teens make mistakes and bad choices. We as parents need to properly prepare them for all possible choices, both the ones we agree with and also those we may disagree with.
    I really liked this list. It had a lot of good points. I love the learn how to tie a tie- my husband still can’t do that! Glad we only have girls. 😉

  4. mroker says:

    Thank you Tiffany for your response. You are right about us preparing our children for all possible choices. I think Bristol Palin is a good example of a teen that strayed from her family values. Teens make mistakes and being empowered and informed helps them to make better choices.

  5. Katie says:

    Great post. We should never under value the importance of the little life lessons we as parents should be teaching our kids. This is a great list. One I would add is: How to throw a ball. It is a sweet sight to watch a father and son bond over sports and so many lessons are learned through sports.
    Make it a great day!

  6. mroker says:

    It is a sweet sight! It is so touching to see a dad patiently teach a sport to his son.

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